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What is a Unit4 ERP support champion?


A Unit4 ERP support champion is someone that has been appointed to provide support and guidance to Unit4 ERP system users within their service area or team.


CW&C Change Champions - including schools and academies 
CEC Change Champions

CEC Change Champions - schools and academies


The role of a Unit4 ERP support champion is:

• to act as the first port of call for general system and process queries relating to Unit4 ERP for the service or team they represent

• to attend training to ensure that their knowledge of Unit4 ERP is up to date in order to support other colleagues

• to signpost users within their area to available training and guidance material on the microsite

• to support their service or team to consider the best use of Unit4 ERP and any local business process impacts

• to ensure that staff are clear on responsibilities and functions associated with their role as it relates to using the Unit4 ERP system

• to provide remote support and guidance to system users and to signpost users to central support mechanisms where needed

• to coordinate (if necessary) any local testing of system upgrades and changes, guided by the central support team.

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