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  • Financial Planning and Analysis (FP&A)
    The new forecasting tool that replaced Collaborative Planning is known as FP&A. It was formally known as Prevero and was rebranded in summer 2020.
  • Account Analysis
    This analysis is part of our Chart of Accounts and allows costs/income to be recorded at a low level in Unit4 ERP e.g. a type of employee costs, a specific type of income etc. These are attached to account codes (see below).
  • Account Code
    This code is part of our Chart of Accounts and allows costs/ income to be recorded on the system. The codes record the type of cost that is in Unit4 ERP e.g. employee costs, stationery etc.
  • Project Costing and Billing (PCB)
    This is Capital-related expenditure
  • Cost Centre Code
    These codes, within our Chart of Accounts, help to record costs/income against a particular area in Unit4 ERP e.g. Corporate Service centre codes, Adult Social Care etc.
  • Legent (Legal Entity)
    This is the number used on the system to differentiate between the different organisations i.e. 101 is Cheshire East and 201 is Cheshire West and Chester.
  • Purchase to Pay (P2P)
    Also known as Accounts Payable (AP)
  • Income to Cash (I2C)
    Also known as Accounts Receivable (AR)
  • Record to Report (R2R)
    Also known as General Ledger (GL)
  • Sales Orders
    This is the Unit4 ERP term used for invoices raised on the system.
  • Sub Centre Codes
    These sit below the Centre Code in our Chart of Accounts and allow further detail below the centre code if required e.g. a team name within a department.
  • Chart of Accounts
    This incorporates centre codes, sub centre codes, account codes and analysis codes enabling all financial transactions to be recorded in an organised way
  • General Ledger (GL)
    This records all financial transactions, enabling the organisation to produce a set of reports for external auditors.
  • How do we raise call-off orders?
    Call-off orders are raised by using a non-catalogue value (NCV) product.
  • How do we amend an order value (increase/decrease order value), specifically to amend the value/quantity of a live open order, which may/may not be partially receipted?"
    To decrease an order value, you would use the rest/cancelled function. You cannot increase the value of a PO, it can either be over-receipted or when an invoice is matched that overbills it will generate an approval task to the budget manager.
  • What happens on 1 April if we receive an old year invoice and we have not raised a PO - will the PO we raise go in the new Financial year?
    Yes, in that scenario the PO will be raised in the open period of the new financial year.
  • What happens with the auto-accruals process for year end? Do we need to finally close orders?
    Yes, you need to perform PO housekeeping as normal using the function rest cancelled to complete any orders with outstanding values that are not being used.
  • Sundry supplier, where an invoice is loaded without a PO and goes to the budget manager to approve. How can the budget manager amend the coding of these invoices?
    The sundry supplier is an exceptional use only process. No invoice should be sent for processing without relevant documentation to provide coding and if amendment is required the budget manager will reject.
  • Are we required to email invoices to payments? Sometimes there are duplicates when we forward on invoices and suppliers send direct.
    Yes, invoices should be sent to payments and all suppliers should be asked to send invoices to AP directly to avoid this.
  • How do we know if an invoice has been rejected as a duplicate?
    Duplicate invoices are not loaded and so will not be in the system for users to see.
  • For orders with hundreds of line items (e.g. bulk educational supplies) do we have to add every single line entry - (this will be a duplicate ordering direct with the company then raising again in Unit4 ERP) or can we create a call off PO where we receipt an amount?
    Value orders can be used in this scenario, if there is enough detail for the approver to understand what is being approved.
  • Can approvers view requisitions that are raised by the requisitioner?
    Yes, the enquiry screens will allow approvers to see the requisitions of anyone in their team or part of the hierarchy.
  • What happens if wrong PO quoted on an invoice which has been sent directly to payments?
    This will be electronically returned to the supplier for correction.
  • Can the payment terms for an invoice be changed? e.g. pay on immediate terms?
    This can be done but should only be in exceptional circumstances and the supplier terms of trade should be adhered to.
  • Are handwritten PO numbers on invoices acceptable?
    PO numbers should be printed on the invoice by the supplier. For smaller suppliers, who hand write invoices, this would be acceptable.
  • How do you finally close a purchase order?
    This is done through the rest/cancelled function in order to finish off unwanted PO values
  • Once a requisition is approved, the purchase order is sent directly to the supplier’s email address in ERP Web.We raise POs for large companies and the email address in the system will often not be the correct one for that specific PO. However, we wouldn’t want to permanently modify the company’s email address in the system because it may be correct for other CWAC employees who use the same supplier. Can we save a copy of the PO instead and send this manually via email?"
    When the PO is generated it is attached to the original requisition in ERP WEB for reference, you will then be able to get back to the PO document and take a copy that you can send to anyone that requires a copy.
  • When a supplier sends their invoice directly to the requisitioner/service, we would usually receipt the invoice and email it to the Payments Internal Helpdesk. Should we continue to do this?
    It is best practice to receipt the PO at the point of delivery, when you have received the item or service. You should not wait until the invoice is received. However, if you do receive an email directly you should pass this to P&I as normal.
  • The advice for goods receipting is to add a receipt once the goods / delivery note has been received. We only raise non-catalogue requests for services – we don’t order products – so we only add a receipt once the invoice arrives and we’ve checked that the work has been completed. Should we add the invoice number to the ‘external reference’ field and leave the 'delivery date' field blank as this wouldn’t be relevant for our service.
    As above, the PO should be receipted at the point that the service has been confirmed as delivered, you should not wait until the invoice is received. If there is a discrepancy between the receipt and the invoice (the supplier has charged more than expected) this will not be paid and will be sent to the requisitioner for validation.
  • Accounts Receivables. Some staff are overwriting the product description and trying to get all of the detail within this field.
    Please note, they should leave the product text as is and use additional information to add supporting information.
  • How will I know when a PO has been fully approved?
    POs will only appear once fully approved by the budget manager. You can check via your requisition enquiry workflow map if the PO is still waiting to be approved. Also, the PO document production isnt immediate as it's on a schedule, so if a PO has only just been approved, they could be waiting to go through to workflow.
  • How do I delete a PO requisition?
    P2P05 - raising a requisition final page shows you how to change status to closed. P2P07 - goods receipting Quick Card details how to cancel the balance of an order.
  • Is there a maximum amount I can over receipt by?
    There is no limit on what you can over receipt. The over receipt will go for extra budget approval.
  • Business Process Models (BPMs)
    Pictorial representation of the business process in map form, showing the end to end process, and where applicable links between processes. These are supported by Process Description Documents (PDDs).
  • Process Description Documents (PDDs)
    These are documents that describe in detail, the Business Process steps that the system user should follow when using Unit4 ERP. These documents support the Business Process models.
  • Change Requests (CR)
    The formal process to request changes to either a business process or Unit4 ERP. A change request form must be completed.
  • Impact Assessments (IAs)
    Once a system change request (CR) has been raised and submitted, it goes for evaluation before being accepted or rejected.
  • Income - Journal process for banked income (replacement ADI). What about dinner money cash banked as we don’t complete an ADI for that, it automatically gets coded to school direct, will that still happen?"
    If you currently don’t complete a banking journal (ADI) and the funds get coded directly, this process remains the same. If you previously completed a banking journal (ADI) in Excel this will be replaced by an online form, which you will complete and will go for approval via your establishment approval route as defined in the Hierarchy.
  • Income - What about other non-banked income, such as ParentPay transactions, will that automatically get coded centrally or will schools have to do a journal like banked income?"
    If income is currently coded without the requirement of a banking journal (ADI) the process remains the same and the income will automatically get coded directly via the cash receipting system.
  • Income - What about money that is paid into the account by BACS by a third party, e.g. a grant? Does BACS income need to be dealt with like cash, via the banking income journal?"
    If it hits the council's bank account, it will be managed as currently managed. Schools should email central Income team with relevant GL codes and expected amounts.
  • Income - Will it be acceptable to create the journal and bank next day? Or bank and then create journal following day, if banking is done on way home?
    Best practice is to submit on the same day.
  • Income - Can cash and cheques go on the same transaction on a different line?
    No, they need to be on a separate banking slips and banking journals. This has been instigated by banking regulations.
  • Income - If we have received income into our school fund and it needs to be paid into our main budget e.g. I send a cheque to payments and income. Would this still be the case?
    We would anticipate if this is a requirement, it will continue.
  • Approvals - What are the approval limits set within the system for Headteachers, SBMs, Admin?
    Tier 4 is for the Headteacher position usually. Business Managers are usually at Tier 6. Admin staff don’t have any financial approval – but can raise requisitions etc.
  • What is the process for things like nursery vouchers?
    This will continue as normal.
  • How will TLR’S (Teachers Learning Responsibilities) be paid in Unit4 ERP?
    These will be paid via Unit4 ERP. If you are processing a new one you will need to email details to Recruitment & Pay.
  • How to recharge other schools (internal) - do we raise journals or can the customer order process be used for internal supply?
    This process will go via a journal route.
  • For Chess hub products for schools – are these added as one product and then you add the detail as product text, or will there be a separate product for each item?"
    There are 2 products for Chess. One is vatable and the other not. Additonal text will be added for greater detail.
  • If some one accidentally sends a second Direct Debit mandate for a customer (duplicate) to the bank, will it get rejected automatically?
    This would be accepted if on the same customer. If this refers to the paper document, they are not sent to the bank at all.
  • If a customer misses paying a Subscription via Direct Debit twice or more in a row, will the team be notified via task?
    No. If a Direct Debit is not taken, dependant on the reason, action will be taken. Refer to payer notifications - customers are given a 2nd chance then they are taken off Direct Debit. The transaction will then drop in to the standard recovery route. Reports can be made available based on rejection codes.
  • When a Direct Debit mandate is accepted by the banks - will this update the customer master file with the customer's bank details?
    Direct Debit mandate details are held on the DD mandate enquiry screen and not on the customer master file. The bank details that are visable on the customer master file, on tab 4 payment, are used when a refund is due to the customer. If an adult social care customer mandate is loaded, the customer master file needs to be amended to Direct Debit for all future invoices . Nothing is updated automatically on the DD screens, the user must complete them based on the details on the paper manadate. For AR DDs that are not paperless this is being picked up in phase 2.
  • If a customer has two invoices under £10, which total over £10, will the cumulative debt be lumped together and run through the recovery pathway (as cumulative is over £10)? As both invoices are runing through the under £10 process, will DR receive a task notifying of each?"
    Reminders will only be despatched on under £10 invoices when the total on the account goes above £10 i.e. £10 due date 01-02-21 and 10-02-21, reminder will go out on the 10-02-21
  • What's the easiest way to see the date the invoice was sent to a collection agent? (date sent to agent doesn't appear to be on the AR report).
    The action overview screen is updated with the date it was referred. Action overview, shows your action on a transaction e.g. tasks or reminder
  • When creating a payment plan, what is the implication if Rounding is set to last?
    The business process is for rounding on first. If rounding is set to last, the letter will be wrong that is despatched to the customer. If payment plans are overpaid this is ok, as it will just decrease the overall value.
  • Are the DR team allowed to be able to manually override the PP distribution - for the following scenario? When setting-up an arrangement over a short time frame to then be reviewed (e.g. Balance £2000 - customer can only pay £100 per month, whilst they sort other finances.We agree they can pay £100 per month to be reviewed in 3 months) In the system, can we set arrangement £100 for 3 months with 4 month holding remaining balance £1700 - Month 1: £100Month 2: £100Month 3: £100Month 4: £1700"
    The payment plan facilitity is expecting all payments to be the same value, if one is different it must be the first one. If there is a requirment to review an existing payment plan you would create a manual task for when you want to revisit and if an agreement is made to increase the monthly payment you would cancel the existing PP and recreate with the new values.
  • When creating a manual task against a transaction for a future start date the task appears in the tasks pane immediately after creation. Is there anyway to delay that until the start date?
    No. Manual task once created will immediately appear in the person's tasks list. You will have access to the AR205 document, which will list any outstnaindg actions. Managers will also have access to the team's actions to ensure they are being managed correctly.
  • Direct Debit mandate - if another person is paying the invoice of a customer via Direct Debit, how would this be managed as the mandate is set up to the customer?
    The mandate requires the bank details of the customer who is paying this, it does not have to be the person who is named on the invoice. ASC regularly have other people paying for their charges.
  • When/Are the Direct Debit forms going to be updated? (Currently just exisit for Subscriptions and Social Services.)
    There is no requirment for the paper documents to be updated as they contain all the relevant details required. No change has been made to the DD Sun number etc.
  • How do I raise an invoice to bill our pre-school for their monthly building rental
    Sales Order Quick Card I2CO2 explains how to do this.
  • When creating a project, PM field defaults to your user - should this default to line manager?
    No, it will always need changing to the project manager.
  • Who can edit a project - can you set restrictions?
    Project support can edit a project, but it will go to PM for approval if it is amended
  • If adding multiple projects to a timesheet - will only the relevant timesheet lines for projects go to the corresponding project manager?
    Yes, they will go to the correspnding project manager. The timesheet will be approved when all lines have been returned
  • Cheshire East Highways have projects for RTC and EXT - how do you enter items transferred from contractor invoice?
    If a person doesn’t have timesheet access to Unit4 you would need to add any relevant charges as a fixed price item.
  • When an invoice proposal is created and approved, is there anywhere to access the invoices in the system or a folder, as opposed to just being emailed to the responsible person?
    They will follow the process according to whether the invoice requires attachments. If it requires an attachment, it will have to go back to the responsible person. If it doesn’t, it will be emailed if an address is provided or will go to the print unit and be sent out.
  • What is a resource ID?
    A resource ID is Unit4 ERP terminology for an employee number.
  • What are dynamic forms?
    There are many self-service forms available in Unit4 ERP e.g., maternity, paternity, leavers, return to work, position, resource and employment administration etc. These are accessible by selecting Forms from the main Unit4 ERP menu
  • Are emergency contacts for staff held in Unit4 ERP?
    Yes - emergency contact information is held in Unit4 ERP if staff complete the emergency contact section. It will be for individual line managers to encourage their teams to complete this information. Managers will be able to complete it for staff who report to them directly, for those staff who don’t have a Unit4 licence.
  • Do I need to complete an access request form to obtain Unit4 ERP accesses?
    Access to Unit4 ERP is linked to job role, therefore, access request forms will no longer need completing. Unit4 ERP accesses are created with the position. If your access isn't working or you haven't been granted access and need it, then you must contact the ICT Service helpdesk.
  • What do I do if my Unit4 ERP accesses are not correct for my role?
    Please call the ICT Service helpdesk who will be able to set you up with the required accesses for your job role.
  • Will I be able to change my bank details in Unit4 ERP?
    Yes - this is done by selecting Your Employment from the main Unit4 ERP menu. Please be aware of payroll download deadlines when updating bank details.
  • How do I obtain Position Numbers and Resource IDs in Unit4 ERP?
    You can obtain these by running the Establishment Report.
  • Do we have the equivalent of the Oracle CS1 that lists all our staff to key in information? If we have to load all this against each individual employee and select all these fields it is going to be very time consuming.
    The CS1 has been replaced by Proxy, however, all additional hours and adjustments have to be keyed. The work schedule will pick up the basic pay from the rota.
  • Can we load a total amount each month for sleep-in allowance etc. or will each one have to be loaded individually?
    Yes, you are able to key in the total amount each month for sleep-in allowance.
  • Can we export all the payroll entries for all our staff in one go, or would it have to be done individually? So we can check what has been entered.
    You are able to run a report of the entries keyed.
  • Does manual resource approval go to the line manager or via HR/TSC people?
    A resource is approved straight away and a Resource ID is sent straight back to the Manager. The approval for the post will have already been approved by HR/Finance.
  • If a change champion cannot assist with a query who do we pass it onto?
    Please refer to the Contact the Team page on the microsite, which provides information on where to direct the type of query you have.
  • Can you delegate another person to be a Proxy user - say if you were on leave?
    No, they have to be added to the group by the Governance & Support Team.
  • Is there any safeguard for a Proxy whose role is to input all variable pay adjustments when a user of the system may already have claimed additional hours?
    Reports can be run in the system that will show all variable pay claims that have been keyed in.
  • We usually run a staff within organisation report that provides us with a list of staff and their HR / payroll data. Is there a report on the system that has all of this info?
  • Should agency staff be inputted into Unit4 ERP or do we continue to use Comensura?
    Agency staff still go through Comensura.
  • How do you add Casual Workers pay?
    Casual workers pay is variable, so this will be entered via the variable payroll transaction screen under the time and expenses module.
  • Who enters Grievance, Capability and Disciplinary details in Unit4 ERP?
    Anything related to HR casework, please liaise with HR. HR are responsible for keying the information into Unit4 ERP.
  • Can Grandparent Managers also process contractual changes for staff?
    In Unit4 ERP you will only be able to see staff and process contractual changes for them if the staff are reporting directly to you.
  • Are managers notified when staff make changes in personal information?
    No workflow is applied to personal information changes.
  • Will positions be linked to the JD and PS and if so how will changes to the JD/PS be done?
    Positions will hold the JDQ (evaluation) number. If the the position been re-evaluated then the Manager will complete the Position Administration Form to amend the grade etc.. JD/PS are held outside of the system and will be updated as they are done today.
  • If someone changes their forename for whatever reason, where is this entered so an audit trail can be kept? Would you write the full original name in the previous surname field?
    No, this will be recorded in HR docs
  • Where can you view a history of name changes?
    You cannot view a history of name changes in Unit4 ERP, this will be kept in HR docs
  • Where can you view a history of tax code changes?
    You can view a history of tax code changes in tab 3 relations (my record gives an example on this 20005591).
  • Is there any verification when a national insurance number is entered?
    Yes, there is an alert for this which can be bypassed
  • Do you need to change the Short name, if you change a surname?
  • When entering a deduction/allowance, which position do you enter in the Attribute value 2 field (on the Rates screen), if they hold multiple positions?
    It depends on PD – you put the POSNO for the position the relation applies to.
  • When we enter a deduction/allowance, do we need to enter the gross annual amount, or the monthly amount?
    It depends on PD. A crib sheet of PDs and what is required for each PD is currently being pulled together.
  • When entering proof of eligibility or employee checks, where do we scan the documents to as it is not in Unit4 ERP?
    You scan them to the HR docs file
  • Is there a leavers form for staff with multiple jobs?
    There is one leavers form in Unit4 ERP, previously in Oracle there was a single and additional assignment leavers form. In Unit4 ERP you would select Leavers Notification, the member of staff, select position, there is then a dropdown field where you would select the job they are leaving. If they are leaving your council altogether you would select leaving organisation from the dropdown and would only choose leaving position from the dropdown if they were leaving that position but continuing to work for your council in another position.
  • Re-employment of staff. How do I set up staff in Unit4 ERP who are returning to the council following a break in service?
    In Unit4 ERP staff returning to the council after a break in service, will need setting up as a new starter. The manual re-employment form for staff returning to the Council no longer exists.
  • Does a Leaver notification form need to be completed if only a temporary change of contract (e.g. maternity cover or secondment)?
    The leaver form acts as a form to remove a person from one position to another position. We associate leaver with someone leaving the organisation, but in this case the leaver form will do both, it will remove them from one position (starter form will put them in another) or it will remove them from the organisation. This is dependant on the option you choose whilst in the form
  • What happens to records of activity started by a manager who leaves the authority e.g. capability, which might need to be picked up by their successor? Do HR have overarching access to records for continuity purposes?"
    Yes HR have overarching access
  • For leavers, the grand parent manager is not going to know all the information, such as annual leave deductions. etc. Can this be completed by the actual manager?"
    The Manager should complete the leavers form
  • For HMRC Gender only male and female listed. What about option for anyone who doesn't identify as either?
    Currently HMRC only recognise male and female. May change in the future.
  • If a member of staff who is leaving has taken their leave entitlement, do I enter their last working day on the form as their date of leaving or their last day after taking leave due?"
    The leaving form asks for their date of leaving and their last working day. Date of leaving is the date they will be paid until.
  • Can you have a leaving employee and a new starter in the same role/position for a period of time (handover)?
    Yes, this will be identified in Governance & Support as a shared position to ensure workflows work in parallel (if in a Tier 9 or above role).
  • How much historical sickness information will be brought over to Unit4 ERP?
    2 years of data.
  • Who enters sick days - individuals or line managers?
    Line managers will input information on absence due to illness. Sickness auto generated notification received periodically where sickness absence affects pay at various points. Absences will be downloaded on a monthly basis in Unit4 ERP in line with the payroll schedules. If an absence requires correction after being downloaded then you will need to email Recruitment & Pay.
  • Will Annual Leave be part of HR & Payroll phase 2 implementation?
    There are no plans to go live with Annual leave just yet and any communications about how it will work will follow when there is a clear plan of implementing it in the new solution.
  • Can admin update absences etc. on behalf of managers?
    Only through Proxy
  • What happens if the manager doesn't have time to approve and its emergency leave e.g. paternity leave, is it something you can go back into a few days later an approve?"
  • Is annual leave and flexi leave still separate from this system?
    Yes, for the time being annual leave and flexi leave will be recorded in the normal way using the timesheet
  • Will each manager be responsible for loading their own teams sickness?
  • How does a manager move his approval over when on leave? Also, what if they forget how can it be moved on to another approver?"
    A Manager needs to set up a substitue (the same as vacation rules in Oracle). If a manager forgets to do this, it would need to be moved by the Governance & Support Team. This will not be immediate, so it's vital that the Manager remembers to set up a substiture before going on leave.
  • When will we be able to see who we are able to enter sickness on behalf of? At Go Live 1, we found that we weren't set up for the correct codes, and it took time to correct?"
    On day one, you will be able to view anybody you supervise at present, as long as you have kept Oracle up to date.
  • Do we need to update the absence every day that a person is off and does it go for approval every day? We can't just have it open ended?
    It is open ended, you only need to update as and when there is an end date.
  • If someone is sick they are sick so an approval step seems nonsensical?
    All action taken by a Manager goes for approval. It is more for information, particularly when managing a larger team.
  • Does it still go to approval even if the manager loads the sickness for their staff member?
  • Why can't we use open ended checkbox for open absences?
    You can and you must use it for open ended absences.
  • If absence is only for one day how does it show closed if the same date is input for open ended absences?
    If absence is for one day, start date and end date is the same date and 'open ended absence' is not checked.
  • If we are not yet certain of their return to work date for absences. What date do we enter?
    Tick the open ended sickness box and a future date will automatically apply.
  • Can you backdate sick leave?
    Yes you can
  • If a manager activates their substitute, does this mean they can key absence for the staff of the manager who is absent?"
  • Does the absence download if an end date is entered and you tick the box indicating its an open ended absence?
    It gets transferred once a month around the payroll deadlines, the end date needs to be entered as it is a mandatory field, but tick open ended so we are clear its an open absence for now. If you leave the absence as draft it will not be transferred to the record and pay will not be calculated correctly.
  • Can the maternity leave form be edited afterwards, for instance if the staff member decides to take a bit longer?"
    We will always apply the full term to the record unless otherwise stated. if the period changes, then a communication to R&P to update the pay details is required (via email).
  • Maternity form query - Curtailment box. What does it mean/is it there for?
    Curtailment box is relevant when maternity leave is being shared with a partner.
  • I have recorded the start date for a sickness absence in Oracle. Will it migrate across to Unit4 ERP so that I can input an end date?
    If you have recorded a start date for a sickness absence in Oracle but not end dated it yet, you will need to email the Transactional Service Centre absence team to request a reversal. You will then need to key the whole period of absence in Unit4 ERP. You cannot close off absences that have been loaded through the transfer of data from Oracle to Unit4 ERP.
  • Can the variable payroll transactions be coded against a different cost centre?
    Yes if you have access to those cost centres.
  • Can admin staff enter expenses as a proxy user, or does it need to be a line manager?"
    Admin staff will be set up in the Proxy groups not Managers.
  • Can expenses be amended after submission but before payroll cutoff?
    Yes, as long as it has been saved for later and not sent.
  • Can you view expense claims submitted by other users in my department?
    Managers can report on their team's expenses
  • What is the Unit4 ERP report called please that provides similar information to the Oracle EForms Data General report ?
    The report is called Employee Expenses.
  • Will all employees be expected to input their expenses or can a line manager input them on their behalf?
    If the employee has access in Unit4 to key their own expenses, then they would be expected to input them themselves. However, not everyone will have access and in these circumstances their expenses can be input by either a line manager or a proxy user.
  • How do you know which expense type to select eg. NJC/SOULB?
    This is linked to your terms and conditions based on your contract of employment.
  • When keying mileage do we include non-reimbursed mileage as there appears not to be a field for this?
    Non- reimbursed miles are not keyed into Unit 4, only business miles that need to be claimed should be entered.
  • How are proxy users identified and how do we know if we are a proxy user?
    Proxy users have been identified by their job role and names of proxy users have been gathered. You will know if you are a proxy user if you can access the variable payroll transaction screen under the time and expenses module and staff names appear, this means you are in a proxy group and have access to these staff to key expenses on their behalf.
  • How does it work for PA's can they load sickness/expenses for Directors direct reports?
    PA's will need to be in a proxy group with the Directors direct reports in the group to be able to key to them.
  • Who will be able to process contractual changes for staff?
    In Unit4 ERP you will only be able to see staff and process contractual changes for employees that report directly to you. Grandparent managers will not have access to them.
  • What do I do if a member of staff is transferring Internally?
    Release information will no longer exist, in Unit4 ERP. Managers will submit a Leaver Notification and select leaving position from the dropdown rather than leaving organisation. The new manager would then go into Employment Administration pick up the member of staff and put them into their new position.
  • What happens when temporary staff contracts are due to expire in Unit4 ERP? Will they extend automatically or do managers have to take appropriate action?
    When temporary contracts are due to expire and contracts are to be extended (alerts will be received after Go Live at 7, 30 and 90 days), you will have to extend them If the position is temporary. You will have to complete the Employment Administration form to extend the contract. There will be no automatic rollover as there is at the moment. If staff remain in post after the contract has expired, THEY WILL NOT BE PAID. Staff leaving will need to be processed as a leaver.
  • How do staff get confirmation of a change in contract in Unit 4 ERP?
    The current process for notifying staff of a change to their contract remains the same with correspondence coming from Recruitment & Pay.
  • How would I set up an additional position for staff in Unit4 ERP?
    Previously in Oracle an additional assignment manual form was used for setting up an additional assignment for a member of staff. In Unit4 ERP you would go into Employment Administration, pick up the member of staff (referred to as the resource) and attach them to another position.
  • When entering a work schedule, what do you do if a person works different days over a 3- week period, or compressed hours?"
    You will need to enter the 3 different weeks. Rotas have to be entered a week at a time.
  • How do you change a person's line manager/job details in Unit4, in replace of release/pick up staff in Oracle?"
    Release information will no longer exist, in Unit4 ERP. Managers will submit a Leaver Notification and select leaving position from the dropdown rather than leaving organisation. The new manager would then go into Employment Administration pick up the member of staff and put them into their new position.
  • Are secondments treated as changing positions internally?
    Yes as they will be moving from one position to another.
  • Work Schedule's - How do you show flexible working, such as a 9 day fortnight or compressed hours?"
    Weeks need to be added seperately, 1 week at a time if working a 3 week shift pattern.
  • If I have a vacant position in my structure that is only 30 hours, but I would like to appoint somebody into this position on 37 hours? What action would I take in Unit4 ERP?"
    You would change the hours on the position by completing the Position Administration form.
  • If contract hours are changed in the system does it automatically recalculate the entitlement?
    Yes, as long as the Work Schedule is updated correctly
  • Is it possible to select multiple locations if advertising a position across different sites?
    No - you will need to select one location, but you can update the advert text to make it cleare the role is for multiple locations
  • We currently send a request via a spreadsheet to DMT for approval on any vacancy, which covers HR/ Finance and director approval. Is the spreadsheet being replaced or will we still have to do this before we fill this in on the new system?"
    The online vacancy form will replace this functionality when it is avaialable. It will not be in place from day 1 - further information will be sent when it becomes available
  • When completing the vacancy form it doesn't appear to have an option for contract type?
    This is all built into the Position in the system. When the Position is available in Hireserve, the manager will be required to fill in any gaps for advertisement.
  • Will the local authority team pick up the recruitment advert to go on their own website?
    If this is for schools, then no this process is not applicable. If it's for non-schools, then yes the central recruitment team will review the vacancy and pass back to the hiring manager to complete the advert text etc.
  • Is the approver responsible for putting the job on Hireserve or is it the requester?
    The vacancy will go to the recruiting manager named on the vacancy admin form. Please note: The Hireserve interface will not be available on day 1 of Go Live 2.
  • Is Hireserve being retained in Unit4 ERP?
    Yes, they are the same system.
  • What about redeployment from a recruitment point of view?
    Nothing is changing from a redeployment point of view.
  • Is there going to be an option for Hybrid/Flexible worker under advert location on the vacancy administration form?
    Advert location can only hold one location, the advert text will need to state the work location if in multiple places.
  • Does the vacancy admin form interface with the job advert appearing on our website?
    The Vacancy Administration Form will interface to hireserve, the manager will need to add the advert text and make the vacancy live - However this form will not be live for day 1 and so current process stands i.e. key direct to hireserve.
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