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Information and guidance to managing Accounts Payable invoices in Oracle prior to cutover

  • Invoices received by Payments & Income (P&I) will continue to be processed until the cutover date. However, any invoices received after 4 January are more likely not to be processed successfully, as it will be difficult to guarantee Oracle entry prior to cutover. 

  • Ask your suppliers to send their invoices for payment asap and prior to 4 January. This will hopefully allow enough time to process the invoice ahead of cutover and avoid as many payment delays as we can.

  • Receipt Purchase Orders asap. Always do this at point of delivery of goods or services - you do not have to wait for sight of the Markview image.  

  • Complete your Oracle receipting and Markview holds resolution by 11 January, if you require your invoice to be paid prior to cutover date and ahead of final payment runs.  

  • Continue to receipt until 18 January, or until the cutover date. However, invoices receipted after 11 January may not be paid until Unit4 ERP is live.

  • Invoices not subject to Markview holds may be paid early by P&I, ahead of supplier terms of trade. This will allow the release of as many invoices as possible for payment ahead of cutover, making it easier to identify problem invoices with Markview holds attached.

  • Whilst you need to ensure you have continuous supplies of goods and services over the transitionary cutover period, excessive pre-ordering just prior to the cutover date should be avoided and raised in the new system wherever possible.

  • Only Approved requisitions will be carried forward to the new system if raised prior to the cutover date.

  • Finally close your Purchase Orders (PO) asap but by 15 January where possible, where payment has been made and Oracle orders are complete. This activity can continue until cutover date if necessary and should be carried out on a regular basis as part of your ongoing built-in, housekeeping routines. This is a critical undertaking to ensure that unused or unwanted PO balances do not transfer to the new system.

  • Regularly review and resolve your Markview holds for any of the following invoice types; Non PO, TM11 / Manual Payment forms, Quick Invoices, pre-approved and unpaid invoices or credits immediately, prior to final payment runs, by week beginning 11 January.

  • All pre-approved invoices will be processed prior to final payment runs week beginning 11 January. Please ensure they are correct and have been received by Payments & Income by 4 January - wherever possible, the earlier the better!  This will help avoid payment delays and disappointment if invoices cannot be processed in time for final payment runs.

  • P&I will contact you about future-dated Oracle instalment payments that become due for payment after cutover. You will have the opportunity to request early payment prior to cutover, or cancellation from Oracle for reprocessing within Unit4 ERP.

  • Process as many Credit balances as possible against future invoices before cutover, for a cleaner transfer to Unit4 ERP.  Request invoices from your supplier to offset against your outstanding credit notes asap or request the money back. 

  • P&I may not have access to view invoices during all of the cutover period so may not be able to assist immediately with Helpdesk queries e.g. in relation to where invoices had progressed within Oracle prior to cutover.

  • Unprocessed invoices not keyed to Oracle prior to cutover will be held for scanning to Unit4 ERP after Go Live. There will be instances therefore where payment delays will be experienced due to this.  

  • Invoices received without a PO number or quoting an invalid PO number will be returned and delayed, so please ensure invoices are forwarded in the correct format.

  • Arrangements for Critical payments not paid in time for cutover date but required ahead of Unit4 ERP (on a basis of hardship etc) will need to be discussed with P&I asap, well before Cutover, to investigate alternative payment options.

  • Quick invoices need to be fully approved by 11 January at the latest, but earlier is better to avoid potential issues with non-payment ahead of closure.

  • Pcard review and approvals deadline is 15 January.  Continue to use Pcards during cutover and beyond, where appropriate to do so.

  • Use Pcards to make payment to suppliers where appropriate. This is encouraged when cutover is taking place, however, please ensure the payment hasn’t already been processed in Oracle prior to cutover, to avoid duplicate payments. 

  • Interface users will be contacted separately about their systems and will have the opportunity to process files ahead of cutover, or in Unit4 ERP if preferred.  Interface file payments may not be available immediately at Go Live date.

  • Deadline for Itrade is 14 January, when the final payment run will be completed.

Quick deadline dates guide

4 January

  • Final date to receive invoices and process them prior to the final payment run

11 January

  • Final date to approve Quick Invoices

  • Final date to receipt invoices that require payment pre cutover, but continue to receipt until cutover

14 January

  • Final date for Itrade transactions

15 January

  • Final date to close orders pre-cutover

  • Final date to approve Pcard spend 

18 January

  • Final payment-run

22 January

  • Oracle close down and cutover date

8 February

  • Go Live 1 date

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