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Unit4 ERP delivers all finance, payments, HR and payroll functions across our business

Unit4 ERP was fully implemented in November 2021, replacing the old and outdated Oracle system. It has been designed to be simple and easy to use and is built on a self-serve approach to delivering a range of processes and activities.

Hierarchy is the organisational reference built into the system that is used for managing direct reports, approving tasks and budget spend. The hierarchy was created at the design stage, is linked to job roles not individuals and is fixed – limits on budget spend are part of the hierarchy and vary by position within the organisation.

Hierarchy tiers that have approval responsibilities in Unit4 ERP

There are occasions when changing the hierarchy is necessary either on a permanent or temporary basis.

Requesting a permanent hierarchy change
If your service is planning a significant restructure this should be raised via the ICT Service Desk Online portal – choose Make a request, choose Services (New), choose Unit 4 Enterprise Resource Planning – Amend hierarchy in the first instance. Meetings will then be arranged with HR, Finance and your service. If you are a school, please use the Helpdesk to raise this request.

ICT Service Desk Online
Tel: 0300 123 8093 (schools only)

If you are requesting a simple change of supervisor then please use the Position Admin form.

Requesting a temporary change / applying a substitute
A manager, who is an approver, can delegate a substitute when they are on leave or for another reason are not available. The substitute must be someone higher up the organisation i.e., their line manager – it cannot be someone at the same level or lower. Appointing a substitute can be done through the Activate your substitutes function in the Your employment section of Unit4 ERP.

Workflow is an important part of the U4 ERP system allowing tasks to move between tiers (levels of the hierarchy) so that approval can be granted. For example, with HR & Payroll processes, an online Position Admin Form is submitted by the user, is reviewed and approved / rejected by HR, reviewed and approved / rejected by Finance and finally is approved by the relevant manager. This approval process is made possible by the workflow built into the system. Another example is where procurement tasks are directed via workflow to the relevant tier using their approval limits.  

Requesting access to Unit4 ERP
Access to Unit4 ERP is linked to the job role (position) and therefore, if the position already exists in the hierarchy, there should be no reason to request access.

In cases where access is not available / working, contact the ICT Service Desk for assistance.

ICT Service Desk Online
Tel: 0300 123 8093

Training and support
All training resources, including short videos, reference guides, Quick cards and demonstration recordings are available in the Resources section – password: b4beastwest

Contact the team
A dedicated team of people are available to help with any issues, requests, or questions. It’s important that all help requests are directed to the appropriate team as outlined on the Contact the team page.

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