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Preparations are well underway for Go Live 2 on 1 November 2021. As we move closer to the date, a weekly roundup of communications will be available to remind you of the key topics and next steps in the programme. 

Current tasks that users need to be aware of and take action

Weekly roundup of key topics and programme next steps

10 Nov 2021

Change Freeze



A chance to catch up on communications you may have missed.

Read the latest communications and find out what's been happening to prepare for Go Live 2

Certain staff changes within Oracle will impact on the Unit4 ERP build. It’s therefore necessary to temporarily stop some changes being made in Oracle – this is called a change freeze. 

Read more about the staff changes you can continue to make in Oracle and others that will be halted for a period of time. 

This is the period of approximately 11 days when Unit4 ERP will be closed down to allow for the transfer and verification of information. It’s essential that all information transferred over to Unit4 ERP at the point of cutover, is accurate and up to date.

​Important information for staff who handle Accounts Payable and Income. Find out what actions are required and by when.

Training on the new Unit4 ERP system is due to commence early in the New Year. Various different kinds of training have been developed, ranging from remote classroom training to Quick Cards. The type of training for each user is based on the role that they carry out.

Find out more about user categories and the types of training available. 

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